Sunday, November 20, 2011

Carl Everett wants YOU...

Carl Everett wants YOU....
to know that there were some great photos used in 2004 Topps. He also wants you to help me decide between two different collections to pursue. First up are three great looking cards that I found while looking through a box recently.

Next up, help me decide which collection to pursue. Dan Wilson player collection (you see, my name happens to be Dan Wilson, so I feel obligated to collect him). I came across this card in the stack of 2004 Topps and it renewed that sense of obligation.

Or, my other thought is, and has been for a while to collect cards featuring players with awards/trophies that they have won. They are out there, but aren't very common, so it would make it a fun challenge. So there you have it, Dan Wilson or Trophies, or both?