Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Random Card Shop Pick-Up

I picked up this 2011 Topps Tier 1 Jackie Robinson numbered to 799 today at my LCS for $1. I got a few supplies and a couple of other cards for a friend. I also went to a Cox Solutions store this morning and got a voucher for 2 free D-Backs tickets for a game this next week against the Mariners, so that should be fun. And I won an eBay auction today that I am really excited about! I'll post about it when I get it in, but it was the last card I needed to complete something that I've been working on and I have only seen 2 now on eBay, so I'm glad I got it.


  1. Nice card! I really like the Tier One cards, they have a clean, classy look to them.