Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When 12th just insn't good enough!

The Diamondbacks are running a promotion right now in connection with this Saturdays Gerardo Parra bobblehead. Each day they are giving out clues on Twitter and are giving away 8 Golden Gerardo Parra bobbleheads at different locations throughout the state. Todays was in the Glendale/Peoria area, so I decided to give it a shot even though I was on my own tonight with three young kids (6, 4 and 9 months). I figured out the first two clues and then started checking various stores that were affiliated with the Diamondbacks. We tried Chase Bank, Auto Zone, Verizon, and Leslie's Pool Supply. We came up 91st Ave instead of Northern or else we would have seen the D-Backs tent outside of Taco Bell, so we didn't figure out exactly where it was until we got the third clue. They had already given out the 8 Golden Bobbleheads by the time we got there. They said I was about the 12th person. We did get some D-Backs swag and vouchers for free tickets. One other cool thing was that I got to meet fellow blogger Uncle Moe, of the blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog. He recognized me from my videos, so that was cool to meet a fellow blogger! He actually got one of the Golden Bobbleheads, congrats to Uncle Moe!


  1. Nice meeting you, Dan. I looked back and was like I think I know that guy.

    Sorry you didn't win. I was using the same logic as you after I saw Monday's was at a Subway. My 4 yr old walks around saying the "We want tacos" chant all of the time so Taco Bell was the first place I headed.