Sunday, October 5, 2014

A pack of 2002 Fleer Ultra

One of my friends gave me his collection (minus the majority of his autos and relic cards) recently. He collected as a kid, so there are some cards from the early 90's and the majority was boxes from 2002 - 2006.

Most of what he gave me was still in the boxes that he had bought. Every once in a while though there was a random pack.

Here is a pack of 2002 Fleer Ultra. I imagine my friend was probably disappointed when he opened this pack; what with no autos or relics and not even an insert. But I think it's a great pack and has a bunch of cards for my mini collections and player collections.

Fleer Ultra typically has top notch photography and it appears that 2002 was no exception. Just take a look!

Here's a shot of John Olerud running in the outfield grass. Since Olerud is a first baseman it makes me wonder what he was doing in the outfield with his glove on.

Love this shot of Steve Finley running the bases with one of his kids. 

Great retro uniform shot of Frank Thomas. 

I've started a nice little Ben Petrick collection after seeing his inspiring story and this is an awesome card to add to that collection! 

Here's a great "Tatooine" shot of J.T. Snow. 

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