Thursday, October 2, 2014

Surprise Package from Bob Walk the Plank and a Brandon Webb milestone!

Matthew, of the blog Bob Walk the Plank, surprised me with an amazing package today! There were 4 Brandon Webb jersey cards and a Patrick Corbin autograph! Thank you so much Matthew!

The 4 Webb jersey cards got me thinking about a post I read yesterday on Brad's Blog. Brad recently picked up his 90th Ryan Howard auto/relic.

I don't know about you, but 90 auto/relic cards of a single player is huge number to me! With Matt sending me these 4 Brandon Webb cards I got to wondering how many Webb auto/relic cards I have. So I busted out my box with my Webb collection and started counting.

I had to cheat a little by including once manufactured relic and one ticket stub relic, but with those and the 4 cards that Matt sent me today, that put me at exactly 50 auto/relic cards of Brandon Webb!

Here's a dual relic card of Brandon Webb and Roberto Hernandez. 

This Panini America's Pastime autograph is numbered of of 125 and is one of the thickest autographed cards I've ever seen! Corbin has a nice big signature and I like that he added his jersey number! 

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  1. Well I have a ton more Webb's I can hook you up with to get you closer to Brad's 90. Glad you liked the cards. The Corbin came mixed with a bunch of other cards I purchased for my contest winners. I immediately thought of you.