Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm a lucky man!

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. It's been 8 wonderful years. I know what you're thinking...I thought you said it was your 10th anniversary. You're right, but I said 8 "wonderful" years. There were two years that weren't so great.

I love that joke and use it every year. My wife hates it, but she knows that's my thing so she puts up with it. My wife puts up with a lot and I'm a lucky man!

My wife and I took a trip this summer to Denver to celebrate our anniversary, so we're just going to dinner and a movie tonight, no big gifts or anything like that.

My wife got me a nice card though and inside the envelope were 3 packs of baseball cards; 2014 Series I, Series II, and Heritage.

Here's what I got.

Two D-Backs and a Red Sparkle parallel, but my favorite card is probably the Molina card.

Some nice action shots and another D-Back plus two cards that would look great signed ttm (Hamilton and Kershaw).  

Another D-Back. 4 D-Backs in 3 packs is pretty good! I really like the World Series highlight card!