Wednesday, June 10, 2015

1954 Topps

My LCS has an auction on Wednesday nights and two on Saturdays. Last Wednesday I went and got a couple of items.

I picked up this 4 card lot of 1954 Topps cards for $3.50. They aren't in great shape but they are perfect for my Topps Page-a-Year binder that I'm working on. I didn't have any 54's so now I'm halfway there (The 1954 pages only hold 8 cards).

Curt Roberts was the first African American to play for the Pirates. This is his rookie card.

With only 250 cards in the set, I find the selection of coach Mike Ryba as a curious selection. 

Johnny Schmitz was a two time all-star who lost three seasons to military service during World War II. 

Bill Wilson spent parts of four seasons in the big leagues. 


  1. 1954 Topps is really interesting - they were right in the thick of their battle with Bowman. The set is so small in part because Bowman had contracts with several players and Topps had to make do with what they could get. A few of my all-time favorite cards are in this set; Angel Scull of the Washington Nationals (AKA Senators), "Peanuts" Lowery, Heinie Manush (another manager).

  2. I keep trying to find that Wilson for my bunting binder.

  3. Those were a steal! The Schmitz was one of the first vintage cards I ever owned because I was obsessed with anything and everything Washington Senators during my early collecting days. (I still am, now that I think of it.)