Saturday, February 25, 2012

eBay Pick-Up: 1988 Topps Traded Robin Ventura OLY XRC

I was watching a show recently on the MLB network where they provided a list of the top player at each position from the 1990's. Here's the list.

LF- Larry Walker
CF- Ken Griffey Jr.
RF- Barry Bonds
3B- Robin Ventura
SS- Barry Larkin
2B- Roberto Alomar
1B- Frank Thomas
C- Mike Piazza
P- Greg Maddux

During the 1990's is when I really started following baseball and collecting cards, so I remmber all of these player extremly well. After watching the show I decided that I wanted to get each players key Rookie Card and figure out a cool way to display them all. I already had the Upper Deck Griffey and the Bowman Piazza, but I need everyone else, so I put together a list and will start to chip away at it. My first acquisition was this 1988 Topps Traded Olympic XRC of Robin Ventura. I got it off eBay for $0.99 shipped.


  1. Does it mean I'm old when I can remember when the fathers of 3 of your guys on that list were rookies? :)