Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage: Alcatraz

I'm a big fan of the  new Fox tv show, Alcatraz. The premise of the show is that in 1963 all the inmates and guards at Alcatraz disappeared. The government didn't know what happened so they fabricated the story that Alcatraz had to shut down because it was falling apart and all the inamates were transferred to other prisons. Over 50 years later, the inmates and guards start reappearing, only they haven't aged and don't know where they have been for half a century. These were some of the nations most dangerous criminals and they pick up where they left off before being sent to prison in the first place.

I picked up a blaster of 2012 Topps Heitage today and was pleased to find this Flashback card featuring Alcatraz.


  1. I was wondering what that show was about... might have to check it out.

  2. First A&G and now this. Who knew I could fall behind in my Alcatraz card collecting? One more reason to buy heritage I guess

  3. I really like the show, too. It's a really cool idea - and it's well delivered. They unveil a little bit more of the background each episode.

    I was really disappointed that the Daytona 500 screwed up the order they did the episodes.

    Basically, the Daytona 500 getting switched to Monday trumped the 6th episode (I may not have the number exactly right). Anyways, the next couple weeks, they went ahead with the 7th and 8th episode and then put up the 6th episode after those next two episodes. I think you can watch individual episodes independently from seeing the series - but it still makes following the series itself more difficult.


  4. Love that show too. I forgot about the missed episode because of the race. I remember going to play it on my DVR and getting pissed. Guess I'll see it in a few weeks.