Monday, March 19, 2012

Card Show Pick-Up: 1993 Upper Deck SP lot

I went to a card show this past Saturday and picked up a few 2012 Heritage D-Backs cards and a lot of 186, 1993 Upper Deck SP cards. It appears to be a set with almost all of the star cards taken out, but I only paid $1 for it so I can't complain. I was flipping through the cards when I came accross this card and that's when I decided to by it.

At that point I stopped flipping through the cards, put them back in the box, and gave the guy a dollar. When I got home I went through the rest of the cards and found some more great/interesting/questionable photography.

Ever take a picture and then years later you regret it? How about minutes later?

Have you ever seen a picture on the front of a card and then wondered what happened right after that picture was taken.

Here are a few additional card backs that I found interesting.

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