Monday, July 30, 2018

My 10 Cent Player Collections

I just started a new Player Collection. It's of Cleveland Indians prospect Will Benson.

Benson was the Indians 1st pick, and the 14th pick overall in the 2016 draft. Benson started his professional career in the Arizona Rookie League after being drafted and I retrieved his first home run ball and after a bit of an ordeal I gave it back to him for a pair of signed batting gloves.

Benson is in Single A so he still has a ways to go before he makes it to the big leagues.

I found these two cards in a 15/$1 box at a card shop recently and it gave me the idea of starting 10 Cent Player Collections; meaning if I can get the cards of certain players for 10 cents or less, then I"ll pick them up. More than 10 cents, forget about it.

So here's my current list of 10 Cent Player Collections. I'm sure I'll add to the list.

Will Benson
Dwight Gooden
Bryce Harper
Don Mattingly
Dale Murphy
Ben Petrick
Jorge Posada
Tim Salmon
Dan Wilson

How about you, do you have anyone like this that you collect but only when you can find the cards at a certain price point?


  1. Yup, I can think of a lot of names that fall under this category. For the most part it'd be names that I have an interest in who aren't Luis Torrens. So guys like Walker Buehler, Carson Fulmer and the non-Torrens Yankees prospects I happen to come across.

  2. Hey, most of the cards I buy are from dime boxes (or less than dime boxes). But most of the cards I buy, I'd probably pay a dollar for a relic or two bucks for an auto of that guy, if not more. For example, I just picked up autos of Lucas Duda and Jeurys Familia on eBay at $2 each (plus combined shipping with other cards); I don't see myself paying more than a dime for a card of theirs if it weren't a hit, or maybe something like a Topps Now or a very low serial numbered card which was a great deal.

  3. Nice looking start to a Will Benson collection. I will keep an eye out for extra cards of him for you. I will also write down your dime box player collection. I go to a flea market where there are two vendors with dime boxes. As for me, my only true player collection that I find cards of in dime boxes would be Richie Sexson.

  4. This is a neat idea. I was able to pick up a handful of Bryce Harper cards (including an SP) in a dime box the last time I was at a card show. Unfortunately I wont be at another one for the foreseeable future..but if I was able to, I'd probably hunt for Kris Bryant, Clayton Kershaw, Tony Gwynn, Andrew McCutchen, Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Salvador Perez, and Robin Yount.

  5. I enjoy collecting Kurt Suzuki... but I wouldn't really spend more than 10¢ for his base cards, a buck or two for his relics, and a few dollars for his signatures.

  6. I've got several guys in my 60+ PCs that I'll finish the regular cards, and some cheap oddballs, but won't put forth much effort to get anything else that costs at all. They're just guys that I had a few cards of to start and don't want to pull out of the binders. No real connection to them, but they're basically done so I leave them alone.