Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TTM Success! - Bobby Thomson

Bobby Thomson is my latest TTM success! I got these two cards back in just 12 days! Both cards commemorate "The Shot Heard 'Round The World". Thanks Bobby!

2001 Topps Opening Day Golden Moments #156

1991 Bowman #410


  1. When you send stuff out for TTM autos, what do you usually write in the letter that you send with it? Are they looking for you to be their biggest fan? or do you simply say "I liked watching you play and would really appreciate if you'd sign these cards for me"?

  2. NicoLax24 - I don't pretend to be their biggest fan. I just let them know why I would like their autograph and ask them if they would please sign my card(s). For instance, I told Mr. Thomson about how I attended a card shop back in the early 90's and got him and Ralph Branca to sign a ball. I had come accross these cards comemorating his Shot Heard Round The World and asked if he would please sign them.

  3. Awesome TTM success, do you think you could send me is address? I have a 1954 card of him on the Cubs that I would absoultey LOVE to have him sign for me, if you don't mind you can email me at Cubsareawesome5@aol.com Thanks alot