Monday, January 20, 2014

Breaking down baseball cards from Baseball Card Breakdown!

Gavin of the blog, Baseball Card Breakdown, shared his Christmas Card collection with the blogosphere over the holidays. If you aren't sure what he refers to as "Christmas Cards" then click here. This is an awesome mini-collection! Gavin was kind enough to offer up prizes to those who commented on his 12 Days of Christmas Cards posts. So not only did I get to see some great cards, but I got to pick an awesome card as a prize and Gavin added a couple of 1/1's to my prize package! Thanks Gavin!

The prize I picked was this 1998 Flair Wave of the Future Travis Lee insert...which is awesome! It doesn't scan well but it actually has some form of liquid inside the card.

Gavin knew that I am a big Ryan Roberts fan and that I have some 1/1's of this card and wanted me to have the GAV 1/1, which is a lime green parallel. 

Gavin added another 1/1 to my collection with this 2007 Topps Bob Melvin sparkle parallel (the sparkles don't scan well, but trust me, they're there). Plus you can see the signature and the GAV 1/1 numbering on the back of the card. 


  1. Glad you dig the cards and thanks again for patronizing my blog! Don't forget the coolest part of those "GAV" cards is that they glow-in-the-dark.

  2. That Wave of the Future is pretty cool. I just got one of those too. I had never seen them before until someone posted one on their blog before the holidays.