Friday, January 24, 2014

More 2013 Blog Awards - Nominations Needed

Jaybarkerfan's Junk recently announced the winner of the 2013 Blog of the Year Award. For the 3rd straight year the award went to Night Owl Cards. I'd like to congratulate Greg on his award. He's a great blogger and has a lot going for him...even though he's a Dodgers fan. Don't worry, Greg hates my favorite team with a passion, so I think it's okay if I give him a hard time about his.

Now that the 2013 Blog of the Year Award is out of the way, how about a few additional awards. Gavin over at the blog Baseball Card Breakdown (Gavin is currently at 49 Followers. Somebody please go follow his blog. 50 looks so much better than 49.) mentioned the possibility of some additional awards including a "Best New Blog of 2013" or in baseball terms a Rookie of the Year Award. In addition I'd like to do an award for "Best Post of 2013" and an award for the "Top Blogger".

Here is the criteria that I'd like to use for these awards.

Best New Blog of 2013 - First post must have occurred in 2013.

Best Post of 2013 - Your favorite post from any sports card related blog from 2013.

Top Blogger - Think about the blogger and not just the blog. (trades, contests, PWE's, etc)

There are a ton of great bloggers out there and I want to recognize a few of them with some awards!

You can nominate yourself or anyone else you feel is deserving. You can nominate as many blogs, posts, and bloggers as you would like. I'll accept nominations in the comment box below until January 31st.

Since the voting will take place in February, this will count as my February Contest, which means there has to be prizes, in addition to the title and bragging rights!

Speaking of awards, here is a card I picked up recently for my Cards Featuring Awards collection.


  1. I'll nominate Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk for blogger of the year. His PWEs no know bounds.

  2. Allow me to be the one who officially nominates Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown for ROY. Nick at Dime Boxes for Blogger of the Year. I'll get back to you on Post of the Year.

  3. My nomination for 2013 Blog ROY: Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.

  4. Nice!
    For best new blog, I will reciprocate and nominate Playing With My Cards for best new blog. And for blog of the year, this one from him.. That Jiffypop photoshop still gets me! As for Top Blogger, mrhaverkamp just checked off a bunch of 73 Topps from my list out of the blue, so I'll nominate him. I'll probably be back with more nominations soon!


    Simply the funnest thing I read the entire year. I had to pause from laughter numerous times.

  6. Another post of the year nomination, N.O.'s Doug Ault tribute..

    And howbout all the way to the backstop's Jerry Coleman tribute..
    (sorry, I guess "emotional" posts just stick with me more than typical posts.)

    And another best new blog of 2013 nom: My Cardboard Habit

    Oh, and View From the Skybox, also..

    Blogger of the year nom's.. hmm,.. Fuji. Junior Junkie. The Diamond King, Oh, and duh, Daniel Wilson!

  7. I'm going to nominate Kenny from Cervin' Up Cards for newcomer of year. The latter may not be fair since he only blogged at the end if the year, but he's been a long time reader and commenter. He's very generous and sent me some great packages this year.