Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Have you ever....

Have you ever placed a bid on something and then thought to yourself, "Oh crap. I hope I don't win this."?

And then when you win it and your next thought is, "My wife is going to kill me."

Um, yeah...me neither.

Anyways... I ended up with a very large lot of 2013 Allen & Ginter cards recently. I thought I would turn to the blogosphere and see if anyone was interested in purchasing a few cards before I try and sell them individually on eBay to try to recoup my money.

You can have the lot today(1/28) for $65 shipped. Tomorrow (1/29) the price will drop to $60 shipped. Thursday (1/30) it will be $55 shipped. Friday (1/31) you can get the lot for $50. If the lot doesn't sell by Friday, then on Saturday, I'll price them separately. Shipping will be $1.50 no matter how many cards you want and they will be shipped in a bubble mailer.

I know there are several other bloggers that sell on eBay and comc.com. Try to remember to support them when you can. Here are a couple - Mr. Baseball - Scott, foul bunt, and Fantastic Catch (comc link is on the right hand side of his page.

Billingsley Jersey -$2

Holliday Jersey - $2

Roy Jones Jr. Relic - $3 (reserved for AdamE if he still wants it)

Cabrera Jersey - $2

Ramirez Jersey - $2

Shawn Nadelen Relic - $2

Lincecum Jersey - $3

Morneau Bat - $2

Morales Jersey - $2

Rollins Jersey - $2

Greinke Jersey - $2

Axford Jersey - $2

Rollins Jersey - $2

Posey Jersey - $3

Hosmer Jersey - $2

Lee Jersey - $2

Upton Jersey - $2

Jimenez Jersey - $2

Jackson Jersey - $2

Helton Jersey - $2

Garcia Auto - $5

Davis Jersey - $2

Marcum Jersey - $2

Rosario Red Auto numbered 231/409  - $6


  1. I've done it. I once bid and won a whole bunch of Pride of the Yankees autographs. I still have them (I think they included a Berra). I've forgotten what I paid--thankfully.

  2. If you end up splitting them up let me know what you want for the Roy Jones.

    1. I'll give you first dibs on the Roy Jones card, but only if you blog about the extra Red Sox cards that I throw in.

  3. I call the AJackson, AGarcia & Billingsley!

  4. Yes I want the Roy Jones. I can Paypal it to you or just give it to you nest time I see you at a game.