Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Time Travel Trade and Trivia

I did a time travel trade with Matt from the Diamond Jesters blog. He had reached out after seeing my post about 1974 Topps Traded and let me know he had a few of the cards I needed available, so I claimed them and sent him some pre-1974 cards and got these three cards I needed. Thanks Matt!

Did you know that Diego Segui pitched for both the Seattle Pilots and the Seattle Mariners? Not only that but in he did so in the first year of each of the franchises. 1969 for the Pilots and 1977 for the Mariners. And not only was he on the team, but he pitched in both of their first games. He got the save for the Pilots and took a loss for the Mariners. 

Just 11 more to go. 

42T Claude Osteen
165T Willie Davis
175T Reggie Cleveland
182T Lindy McDaniel
330T Juan Marichal
348T Pete Richert
373T John Curtis
454T Kurt Bevacqua
534T Eddie Watt
630T Tommie Agee
648T Terry Crowley


  1. Thanks for the trade! Good luck completing the set!

  2. It's never been easy to be a pitcher for the Mariners.