Monday, May 16, 2022

Just a handful left for my Topps Hank Aaron Collection

I purchased a 1958 Topps Hank Aaron card from a guy in a Vintage Baseball Card Facebook group I am in. I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous about the purchase. 

He started off by listing it as a 1959 Topps Hank Aaron card. It was an auction with an end time. I had the highest bid at the end time, but then the seller posted something like "24 hours left" and I commented that the auction should be over. He didn't respond to my comment, but just sent me a message asking for payment. Okay. Then he says to pay Friends and Family or add $3.59 + $0.60 for Goods and Services. 

I always pay Goods and Services and I assume that everyone will expect Goods and Services unless they say so ahead of time, so it rubbed me the wrong way that he tells me this after I won the auction. But I got a good deal and there is no way I'm sending him Friends and Family, so I paid the extra. I paid on May 9th and the card arrived on May 13th, so at least it was shipped quickly. 

The card is not in great shape, but I'm extremely happy with the condition for the price I paid. After it arrived I realized that this only leaves me needing the 1957 Topps card as far as his base cards go from his playing days. So I put them all out in order and took a picture and posted on Twitter. Unfortunately I missed adding the 1971 Topps because when I grabbed it initially I realized it was not in a penny sleeve inside the top loader so I set it aside so I could add a penny sleeve. Someone pointed it out though and so I took another picture and posted it to Twitter.

Here is that picture.

Someone on Twitter said, now you need to do all of his League Leader cards and I actually looked and realized that I have all of those or thought I did. I am actually missing the 1963 Topps NL Home Run Leaders card. 

Here are all his League Leader cards.

The only Topps playing day cards I need for Aaron now are the 1957 Topps base card, his 1958 All-Star, 1960 All-Star, 1961 All-Star, the 1963 NL Home Run Leaders, the 1964 combo card Tops in NL with Willie Mays and his 1973 All-Time Total Bases Leader card.

Well, this isn't entirely true because I won an auction last night that had two of the cards on that list. So now I am down to just needing 5 cards. I also just put in an offer on another one that I am hoping gets accepted. 

Hard to believe that after all these years, I am getting so close to completing this run. I purchased my first playing days card of Hank Aaron back around 1990 from a card shop with birthday money. It was actually his last cards from his playing days. I got the 1976 Topps base and his Record Breaker card from the same set. Now 30 plus years later I am just a handful of cards away from having every Topps card issued during his playing career.


  1. That is an awesome collection. Are you also counting the 1974 Aaron Specials as playing day cards?

    1. Yes, the 1974 Aaron Specials, all his base, All-Star, League Leader, Combo cards, All-Time Leaders, Record Breakers, etc. are included. Basically any Topps card featuring Hank Aaron from 1954 - 1976 that was in the regular Topps set.

  2. Player collections, especially those of the vintage variety, always look really nice when laid out like that.

  3. I don't think I ever realized Aaron had only one in-game action shot in his run of cards.

  4. Very cool! Good luck in getting the rest, and we all look forward to the final completed picture!