Friday, January 6, 2012

3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection: Ty Cobb

One of my 2012 Card Collecting Goals is to get a bat card from all 27 members of the 3000 Hit Club. I completed a similar project last year with my 500 Home Run Club Bat Collection. Several members of the 500 Home Run Club are also members of the 3000 Hit Club, so I already have bat cards of Aaron, Mays, Murray, and Palmeiro. In addition, I already have a bat card of Ty Cobb, so that means I only need 22 more to finish my 3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection. I wanted to feature the Cobb bat card seperatly because I don't think I've ever done so on my blog. I picked this up at a live auction about 10 years ago. I think I paid $75 for it. It's a 2001 Upeer Deck Sweet Spot Game-Used Bat Card.


  1. what a great card and they must be rare to have an actual piece of one of Cobb's bats.