Wednesday, January 4, 2012

eBay Pick-Up: Red, White, and Upton

I picked up these two 2010 Upper Deck JUSTIN UPTON Game Jersey cards on eBay a week or so ago from the same seller. I used the eBay gift card that I had gotten from my brother-in-law for Christmas. I spent $6.13 total for both cards including shipping, so just over $3.00 apeice.


  1. Great pickup! I picked up the red swatch one from sportslots the other day and the card had a crease top to bottom right through the swatch. Still waiting on a refund.

    VERY COOL cards!

  2. Very nice. I've got one, and I always forget which one. That stinks, too, because I've come across others at shows/shops and can never remember which one I need.

  3. very nice pickups, especially for $3 each!