Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Vote

With the Baseball Hall of Fame votes being announced on Monday, January 9th, I thought I would share with you who I voted for. Okay, so I don't get an offical vote, but here is who I would vote for if I did. Notice I used all 10 votes. In no particular order.

1. Jeff Bagwell - Has a ROY and MVP award. 449 career home runs and never actually linked to steroids.

2. Barry Larkin - 12 time all-star and winner of 1995 NL MVP award as a shortstop.

3. Don Mattingly - 2,153 hits in just 14 seasons and a career .307 batting average. 1985 AL MVP.

4. Dale Murphy - Back to back MVP awards in 1982 and 1983. 398 career home runs.

5. Fred McGriff - 493 career home runs and never linked to steriods.

6. Larry Walker - .313 career batting average, 7 Gold Gloves, and a 1997 NL MVP award.

7. Tim Raines - 2,605 career hits and a lifetime batting average of .294 over 20 seasons. 808 stolen bases.

8. Jack Morris - 254 career wins.

9. Alan Trammell - 2,365 career hits. 6 time all-star. 4 time Gold Glove winner.

10. Edgar Martinez - .312 lifetime batting average. 7 time all-star. One of the greatest Designated Hitters of all-time.

Okay, so there's my vote. But now, who do I actually think will get in. Barry Larkin. I think he will be the only one voted in this year and it wouldn't actually surprize me if nobody made it. How about you? Who would you vote for and who do you think will get voted in this year?


  1. I would vote for Larkin, Raines, and Bagwell

  2. I would omit Mattingly, Murphy, and Morris and add McGwire (like him or not he is a big part of the history of the game).

    What we all need to realize, the "hallowed" Hall of Fame is a museum. A museum chronicles the history of a topic, in this case baseball. We cannot forget 1998 or steroids, whether we want to or not.