Thursday, January 20, 2022

1963 Topps Hank Aaron

My 2022 goals don’t include adding to my Hank Aaron collection, but I have been focused on that recently. A week or so ago I came across a 1963 Topps Aaron card on Twitter. I made an offer and the seller accepted. About a week later it arrived in the mail.

Not in great shape, but I love it and it put it at a price I could afford.

The seller shipped in this one touch magnetic, which is nice. At some point I need to figure out how to store/display my Topps Hank Aron playing days collection. Right now, some are in magnetics and some are in top loaders. I have some of my other player Topps playing days collections in binders, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to put the Aaron collection in a binder, plus there are a couple of oversized cards.

I did see recently that Ultra-Pro is coming out with magnetics for oversized Topps and Bowman cards and I’m really excited about that. Finally I will have a good option for all my 1989 Bowman Robin Ventura rookie cards. But seriously, I am looking forward to having this option for the oversized Topps and Bowman cards from the early 1950s.

I did pick up another Aaron card I needed on Monday from my LCS. It’s from the 1950s. I’m making good progress and need about 20 more cards in order to have all of Aaron’s Topps playing day cards. Actually, I have 49 out of a possible 67, so I am just under 20. I think number 50 should be a big one. Maybe 1955 Topps. 

What players do you collect their Topps playing days cards? Who was the toughest for you to complete? Anyone have any tips on me getting a 55? I am struggling with the aspect of paying more for the 55 than I did for the 54 rookie card and that is pretty much what I am seeing at this point for the 55 since his passing.


  1. Beautiful card. As for Topps runs I won't ever complete, Rod Carew comes to mind. His RC is forever unavailable to me at my price range.

  2. Nice card, I like that '63 set wish I had more of them. Good luck completing that player set.

  3. I recently started chasing Topps playing days (regular base) cards for a bunch of different guys. The project stems from me building a run for Steve Carlton and Thurman Munson a while back. The guys I'm working on now mainly played in the 80's, 90's, and 2000's... so I don't have to worry about too many high end cards.

  4. Great card! Looks like the Polo Grounds.

    As for the '55, perhaps check to see if it is in any larger lots you could purchase and then flip the rest?