Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dime Box Pick-Ups from a recent Card Show

I picked these cards up out of a Dim e Box at a recent Card Show.

First up are some cards for my Griffey and Piazza collections. hard to pass up cards of my favorite players at 10 cents apiece.

Next up are a couple cards for my Cards Featuring Awards Collection.

Somewhere I've got a collection of Presidents on baseball cards so I got these two cards.

I remember these Hot Numbers cards being a tough pull from an expensive product back in the day. I've always liked Matt Williams, so I picked this card up.

I picked up this card because I thought it was cool and because I was reading Francona: The Red Sox Years and this was obviously a big part of it. 

And finally, I'm not sure why I picked up these Josh Hamilton cards, but oh well.

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