Monday, August 26, 2013

First Night Game at Wrigley Field Autograph Project

My goal is to get every Cubs player that played in the first night game at Wrigley Field on 8/9/88 to sign one of the 1989 Score cards commemorating the event. So far I have 15 out of the 16.

Shawon Dunston (TTM - sent 7/14/13 and received 10/26/13)

Ryne Sandberg (ttm sent 1/4/15, 6/1/15, and 11/16/15 and received 11/21/15)

Mark Grace (Obtained in person at an AZ Rookie League D-Backs game on 8/23/13)

Andre Dawson (TTM - sent 1/6/15 and received 1/21/15)

Vance Law (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 8/24/13)

Mitch Webster (TTM - sent 2/26/18 and received 3/12/18)

Rafael Palmeiro (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 1/23/14)

Damon Berryhill (sent request on 6/1/15 and 2/26/18) got back from someone on Twitter who got him in person at a Gwinnett Stripers team event on 8/27/18

Mike Bielecki (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 8/22/13)

Manny Trillo (TTM sent 9/23/16 and received 10/28/16)

Frank DiPino (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 8/31/13)

Jody Davis (sent request on 6/1/15 and received 6/12/15)

Darrin Jackson (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and 6/1/15 and received 2/20/18)

Pat Perry (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 9/11/13)

Jerry Mumphrey (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 8/27/13)

Goose Goosage (TTM - sent 8/16/13 and received 9/19/13)



  1. Great idea! When you complete (notice the 'when'), you should totally display the cards around a picture taken during the game or something- it'd make for an awesome piece!

  2. This is pretty cool. Good luck!

  3. Now that's an excellent use of this aspect of the hobby.

  4. You come up with the best collection-within-a-collection ideas, man. Good luck!

  5. super idea!, i'm envious, and don't collect cubbies. or night cards, still envious. especially like the card they are all signing.

  6. Was out side park for 8/8/88 and inside on 8/9/88!!! Go Dbacks and White Sox!!!