Sunday, March 31, 2019

I bought a collection of 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards.

Yesterday I made another Facebook Marketplace purchase. I picked up a Paul Goldschmidt collection from a guy that not only stopped collecting Goldschmidt as a result of Goldschmidt's trade to the Cardinals and recent extension signing, but is giving up on collecting all-together. Sad for him. Good for me!

According to the seller, the collection includes 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards. Because he is getting out of collecting all together, he included his entire collection, which is maybe another 300-400 cards, mostly 2018 Topps base, but a few relics and autographs as well.In the picture, the two small white boxes and the small lot of top loaders in front of the small white box are all the non Goldschmidt stuff.

Before I integrate my current Goldschmidt PC with the collection I bought, I wanted to get a count of what I already have, so I can tell how many of the 561 are new to me.

I currently have my Goldschmidt collection sorted by brand and then by year, all individually stored in top loaders or magnetics.

Allen & Ginter - 24
Archives - 12
Big League - 3
Bowman - 28
Bowman's Best - 10
Bowman Chrome - 14
Bowman Platinum - 14
Bowman Sterling - 1
Bunt - 7
Chipz - 3
Classics - 2
Chronicles - 2
Custom - 2
Donruss - 30
Diamond Kings - 8
Elite - 3
eTopps - 1
Finest - 11
Fire - 3
Five Star - 7
Gallery - 4
Gold Label - 7
Gypsy Queen - 24
Heritage - 29
Honus Bonus - 2
Immaculate Collection - 1
Inception - 1
In the Game - 1
Museum Collection - 15
National Treasures - 2
Oddballs - 4
Opening Day - 10
Panini - 12
Pinnacle - 1
Prestige - 1
Prizm - 9
Select - 3
Stadium Club - 13
Strata - 1
Supreme - 4
Tier One - 10
Topps - 111
Topps 5 x7 - 2
Topps Chrome - 53
Topps Tek - 7
Triple Play - 2
Triple Threads - 19
Tri Star Obak - 1
Tribute - 10
544 different Paul Goldschmidt cards

I also have 235 duplicates.

By adding this collection of 561 different Paul Goldschmidt cards, I could, in theory, more than double my Goldschmidt PC, but I know that won't happen. I'm hoping to be able to add about 200 new Goldschmidt cards to my collection.

I love being able to quickly look through my cards in binders, but for my player collections I don't like the idea of a run of cards together, but I also don't like the thought of cards numbered to 50 or less just being in a binder page. That's the reason I went with top loaders.

I'm going to have to take another look at how I store my Goldschmidt collection and see if I want to continue with the top loaders or move everything into pages and binders.

What are your thoughts? How do you store your player collections?


  1. I love adding collections or huge lots of cards to my own PC.

  2. A 561 lot of your main PC guy? That's incredible.

  3. I store my player collections in boxes with numbered/older cards going into top loaders. I only have around 80 Goldy cards, but quite a few of them are numbered, including a Donruss /25.

  4. I store my player collections in pages/binders except for the low numbered stuff, autos and relics.

  5. I store my player collections in piles, binders, and boxes mixed with other player, theme, and set collections. This ensures that I have no idea what I have or where a particular item is stored.

  6. Most of my player PC's are in binders... with any relics, autographs, or high-end inserts/parallels being separated and stored in top loaders.

  7. I keep my Virdons in top loaders and pages but not like everyone else.

    I put them in top loaders, then I team bag the top loaders, then I put those top loaders in 4 card pages. The team bags keep the top loaders from sliding out of the pages. It works really well except for encapsulated cards. The super thick encapsulated cards still slide out even with team bags.

  8. Most cards go in binders; autos, #'d cards, relics go in top loaders. Great haul!

  9. I keep all my McCutchen cards not numbered to /50 or less in binders. They are sorted by year by brand. I keep them to only 2-3 years per binder. All my relics/autos/and cards to 50 or less are kept in top loaders. My favorite cards go in a magnetic.

    Congrats on scoring that huge lot of cards. I made a large purchase like that for Jason Bay cards after he announced his retirement. It was about 200 new cards and over 400 dupes.

  10. That's too cool! I hope way more of them are new to you than dupes. As for your question, all my PCs (and pretty much all of my cards) are in monster boxes since I don't like the constant rearranging that can happen with putting them in pages.