Friday, March 1, 2019

Who likes pancakes?

The last three vintage cards I showcased were from a Facebook group, but they weren't from the same guy that I've been buying most of my vintage cards from.

Here's a card from that seller.

It's a 1966 Topps rookie card of Jim "Cakes" Palmer. 

Teammates called him Cakes because he would eat pancakes before every game he pitched.

I paired this with another Hall of Fame rookie card and got him to do them both for $40 shipped, so this set me back $20. Not bad for an 8 time 20 game winner.

Hard to believe that the Orioles left him unprotected in the 1968 expansion draft. Even harder to believe that neither the Kansas City Royals or the Seattle Pilots didn't take him. He was in the minors recovering from an injury in 1968, but still. Palmer would go 16-4 in 1969 and then win at least 20 games a year for 8 of the next 9 seasons.

Palmer was adopted as a baby and then his adoptive father passed away and his adoptive mother remarried, Max Palmer. This is where Jim got his last name from. Max was a 7'7" actor and professional wrestler turned pastor/evangelist. So even at 6'3", Jim's father had almost a foot and a half on him.

How about you, could you eat pancakes every 4-5 days?


  1. Sweet card for a great price! I could definitely eat pancakes on a regular basis... but I don't. Instead I only eat them 3 to 4 times a year.

  2. IHOP just had their unlimited pancakes for $4.99 promotion. My buddies and I went and callenged each other to see who could eat the most. I put away nearly two dozen pancakes before eventually tapping out. I don't even want to think about my calorie intake for that day. So to answer your question, yes, I can eat pancakes every 4-5 days.

  3. After seeing all of these "I bought it on Facebook" posts, I now kind of wish that I knew how to use the Facebook :(

  4. We had pancakes the other night for dinner, and I had the leftovers for breakfast today. Twice in 3 days was no problem, so every 4 or 5 days would also be easy.

    2 dozen of them like Collecting Cutch would probably cause me to go into heart failure...

  5. Oh, how I wish I had an IHOP.

    I could probably eat pancakes every day. Maybe I might get sick of them after a couple of months...

    Sadly, I probably only eat them every couple of months. Can't have all those calories and the sugar in the syrup. Sigh.

  6. I'm picturing Homer Simpson going "Mmmmm . . . pancakes . . ."