Saturday, March 9, 2019

XRC vs. RC - Facebook Marketplace Purchase

In addition to the 19 consecutive Topps factory sets from 1989 - 2007 and the 500 count vending box from 1988 Topps that I mentioned in my previous post, there as also a 1991 Upper Deck baseball factory set and a 1991 Topps Traded baseball factory.

I plan to assign values to everything else from my recent Facebook Marketplace purchase to see if I can come up with the $100 purchase price.

I'm going to give the 1991 Upper Deck factory set and the 1991 Topps Traded factory sets a $5 value for each of them.This is probably pretty generous, but I make the rules. So we're at $10.

Not in a factory sealed box, but in pages in a binder is the 1991 Upper Deck Final set. I'm going to assign this a $5 value as well.

The is a 100 card set that was only issued in factory set form. I was always under the impression that when a card only came in a factory set and could not be pulled from a pack then the if there was a rookie card in the set, it would be an XRC vs. a RC.

For example, this 1991 Upper Deck Final Minor League Diamond Skills card of Pedro Martinez is the only 1991 card and the earliest card from a major manufacturer of Pedro Martinez. It's considered his RC, his only RC, but I still question why it's not an XRC.

Pedro didn't spend any time in the majors until 1992 and even then he only pitched in 2 games. Since this is his RC and his only RC, I guess I'll use this for my HOF rookie card collection. Also, is it just me or does the hat appear to be photo-shopped.

The other big XRC, I mean, RC in the set is of Jim Thome. Thome only has one other RC, 1991 Bowman. I'll have to decide if I want to use this card or the Bowman card for my HOF rookie card collection. The cards are very similar, so it will be a tough choice. Let me know which you prefer.

Alright, so far we're at $15, only $85 to go!

1991 Upper Deck Baseball Factory Set - $5
1991 Upper Deck Final Set - $5
1991 Topps Traded Baseball Factory Set - $5

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  1. I'm glad MLB stepped in and designated that companies should put the RC logo on cards using the RC rules. As we all know, some have certainly been missed though