Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baseball Cards in the News

I saw this title Officers who took sports cards punished on this morning when I brought up the internet. I had to check it out and thought I would pass it on. The article was written by Michael Ferraresi. Here are the first two paragraphs. You can click on the link to read the entire article.

"When the two officers found the baseball cards glued to a bedroom door at a foreclosed home in central Phoenix, they realized the potential value.

They saw a Babe Ruth, a Willie Mays and an Ernie Banks - legends whose collectibles are worth hundreds of dollars in mint condition. They used knives to remove 44 cards and eventually lost their jobs after admitting to swiping the abandoned property with the idea of making a profit on eBay".

The article goes on to state that due to the poor condition of the cards they were valued at around $20.