Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dave Philley of the Phillies

I came across this 1958 Topps card of Dave Philley in a dime box recently. I tweeted about it and referred to it as a 1959 Topps card. My bad. To be honest, before coming across this card in the dime box, I wasn't familiar with Dave Philley. I bought it because his last name is Philley and he plays for the Phillies. 

I looked him up and found out he had a lengthy career and was a pretty prolific pinch hitter. In fact, he ended the 1958 season with 8 consecutive pinch hits and started the 1959 season with one as well; setting the record for the most consecutive pinch hits at 9.

The back of his card also mentions this pinch hitting prowess regarding his performance in the 1957 season.

I know his name isn't an exact match to the team name, but it's pretty close. Are there any others out there that are close or an exact match? Last name and their team name. Not their first name and their team name. I'm curious. 


  1. I did a post about these. Johnny Podres on the Padres and Jose Cardenal on the Cardinals where the only other two like this.

    There's also Willard Brown on the Browns but his only Browns card is a TCMA card from the 1970s

  2. I've also done a post on this. Philley is the best match. Also mentioned, Bo Bowman appeared in Bowman.