Saturday, November 28, 2020

What are the odds?

I shared a small lot of Maury and Bump Wills cards I bought on eBay recently in order to upgrade my 1963 Fleer Maury Wills rookie card. Included in the lot was this 1979 Topps Bump Wills error card. I wasn't familiar with this card, so I looked it up and found out the origin behind it and that there is a corrected version as well.

Fast forward about a week and I'm at the card shop looking through the dime box. In addition to the dime box, they have a couple of small snap tight quarter cases, a 50 cent case and a $1 case. In the 50 cent case I found the corrected version of the card.

I look through the dime, quarter, 50 cent, and $1 boxes/cases every time I go to the card shop and this was the first time I remember seeing this card. Anyways, it seemed pretty crazy to me that I wasn't familiar with the card and then within a week I end up with both versions. Here they are side by side.

You ever had a situation like that happen before? I had a similar situation happen recently that I will post about tomorrow. This one involves a rookie card from 1954.

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  1. I learned about the Bump Wills cards from the owner of this store when I was a kid. He was talking about how the error card was one of the most valuable cards in that set. My neighbor had given me a box of 1979 Topps cards and inside was the error card. I won't say this is the thing that got me excited about collecting... but I'm sure it helped.