Thursday, January 12, 2017

COMC Order Part #3

In 2015 I introduced the Rocky movie franchise to my three boys courtesy of Netflix. Shortly thereafter, 2015 Allen & Ginter was released and featured 5 cards from characters in the various Rocky movies. 

I'm pretty sure I pulled the Drago card from a pack, but I just decided to purchase all 5 cards in my most recent COMC order.

I'm a big fan of the Rocky franchise and even liked Rocky Balboa. Creed was a fantastic movie in my opinion. 

I like the selection they used. Anyone else you would have added if you were in charge? Maybe Tommy Gunn. I know Rocky V wasn't great but every other original Rocky movie was represented. Let me know what you think.


  1. Those original Rocky movies were cheesy, but in the best of ways. It was the classic underdog movie. Drago was the man.

  2. Definitely cheesy when you go back and watch them now, but like you said, in a good way. Drago was a machine!