Thursday, January 26, 2017

How many sets are there?

I got a package in the mail yesterday that was an ebay purchase. I picked up 10 different 2016 Diamondbacks team sets. Got them shipped for just under 10 bucks, so right around $1 per set.

Here are the team sets included in the lot.

Topps Bunt - 4 cards
Archives - 10 cards
Stadium Club - 10 cards
Gypsy Queen - 12 cards
Topps Chrome - 7 cards
Allen & Ginter - 12 cards
Topps Heritage - 14 cards
Topps Heritage High Number - 9 cards
Topps Series 1&2 - 28 cards
Topps Update - 7 cards

There are 113 cards total.

This got me wondering just how many sets were produced in 2016. I know it's a lot more than 10, but no where near the amount that were being produced in the late 90's and early 2000's when Donruss, Fleer, Topps, and Upper Deck were in full force.

I haven't bought a Beckett in years. Can anyone tell me how many different sets are listed in Beckett for 2016? 20, It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Points to the first person to let me know. Thanks!


  1. At least 39, more if you include stuff like Leaf or Onyx. Also depends on if you count Series 1 + 2 + Update as different products. So, roughly, there were 39+ "releases" of major products...

    Bowman Chrome
    Bowman Draft
    Bowman Inception
    Bowman Platinum
    Donruss (by Panini)
    Donruss Optic (Panini)
    Diamond Kings (Panini)
    Elite Extra Edition (Panini)
    Flawless (Panini)
    Immaculate (Panini)
    National Treasures (Panini)
    Pantheon (Panini)
    Prime Cuts (Panini)
    Allen & Ginter
    Series 1 (Flagship, Topps)
    Series 2 (Flagship, Topps)
    Topps Update
    Topps Chrome
    Chrome Sapphire
    Topps Dynasty
    Topps Finest
    Topps Five Star
    Topps Gold Label
    Gypsy Queen
    Heritage High Numbers
    Heritage Minors
    Topps High Tek
    Museum Collection
    Pro Debut
    Stadium Club
    Topps Strata
    The Mint (Topps)
    Tier One
    Triple Threads

    1. Awesome! Thanks and since you posted the actual list and didn't just give a number, I'm going to give you 40 It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Points!

    2. Yay! No problem, happy to help :)

  2. Remember how MLB announced that having just one card manufacturer would reduce the confusion of having so many sets out?

    1. Yeah, but to be fair I just looked in an old Becket and I counted at least 80 different sets in 2003.

    2. But I still hate that Topps is the only licensed manufacturer.

  3. For future reference you can check out and sort sets by year to see all sets produced for that given year.

  4. That's a great deal. I wonder if that guy has A's and Padres sets too. That's an affordable way to add all of those sets to my collection. Gonna have to hit up eBay today.

    1. Not sure if you found it but the seller is endesign and he has the A's and Padres for sale. $8 and $9 shipped, might be cheaper if he will combine shipping. Looks like they are the only two teams he has left.

    2. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it was meant to be. Either that... or I just have poor taste in teams ;)

  5. I can say I have never bought a team set before. Probably because I collect so much stuff lol

    1. I hesitated a little bit buying the team sets because I feel like it's all or nothing. If I'm going to get 10 team sets then I need to get them all. I have problems, I know. But i can't break up the sets for my player collections and why just collect 10 of something when there are 39 of them out there.