Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Results from Trade Me Anything X

Thorzul Will Rule opened up a box of 2016 Topps Update a few months back and held his 10th Trade Me Anything event and I claimed this awesome card. You can see what I sent him in return by clicking here.

This will go nicely with my other Goldschmidt All-Star Stitches cards.

I'm missing the 2014 one, so I just added it to my cart on COMC.


  1. I didn't even realize this was an annual insert set until now. That's pretty cool that you'll soon have the complete run of Goldy's cards.

    1. It's a favorite annual set of mine because the jersey piece is from a specific event.

  2. That's a sweet card. Sadly my run Of Cutch All-Star stitches ended last year (but I have the 5 previous versions)

  3. I'm sure there will come a time when Goldy won't make it and it will be a sad day as well.

  4. Nice pickup. I liked the all star stitches design this year vs years past