Monday, January 23, 2017

Do you think cards will ever come in cereal again?

Yesterday I went to a card show and a card shop. I bought 936 cards. 792 of them came in the form of a 1991 Topps factory set.

Here are 26 more.

I know you can't see all 26, but there are 13 packs of 2002 Topps Post cards and each pack has two cards. Any idea why they have the round sticker on them?

I got the 13 packs for $2. After busting the packs and sorting them I have 17/30 with 9 doubles.

If anyone has any of the following for trade, please let me know.

#3 - Bernie Williams
#8 - Sean Casey
#11 Todd Helton
#12 - Chipper Jones
#13 - Frank Thomas
#23 - Jeremy Burnitz
#24 - Bobby Higginson
#27 - Greg Vaughn
#28 - Brad Radke
#29 - Mike Sweeney
#30 = Jeff Conine

If you happen to need any of the following just let me know.

#1 - Alex Rodriguez
#10 Jason Giambi
#15 - Carlos Delgado
#16 - Jeff Bagwell
#21 - Troy Glaus x2
#22 - Ryan Klesko

I got doubles of Luis Gonzalez and Mike Piazza, but I'm going to keep those for my player collections.


  1. I sure hope that we see more retail oddballs pop up in cereal and other products in the near future. I think the Marketside and Lidds promotions from 2016 bode well; but, I guess we'll see.

    1. Yeah, 2016 had those two and I think they went over well, so I'm excited to see if those continue in 2017 and if they will add more.

  2. I should have an extra Edmonds. I will check and see tonight.

    1. Thanks for checking! I appreciate it!

    2. Edmonds headed your way in a PWE this morning.

    3. Thank you very much! This shall earn you 10 It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Points!

    4. I got the Edmonds and the Goldschmidt. Thank you so much! 20 It's like having my own Card Shop Loyalty Points for you!

  3. what a great find! nothing quite like those sweet, sugary oddballs! i'd love to see baseball on the cereal aisle again.

    1. As a kid in the late 80's and early 90's baseball cards were in everything. I wish we could get back to that someday.

  4. Man, I have peanut butter toast or cereal every morning for breakfast. You better believe I would be more than willing to stop eating toast if it meant I could chase an oddball cereal set. That would be epic!

    1. I'd be the same way and with three young boys, I'm sure I would have a set for all 4 of us.

  5. Man... I sure hope so. Cereal companies... if you're reading this comment... I will totally buy your cereal if you insert trading cards into your boxes.

  6. I will have to look. I did find some football the other day I forgot about