Monday, January 2, 2017

Every Day's A Holiday - January

Have you ever bought a gift for someone else because you liked it and then you ended up keeping it for yourself? Uh....yeah, me neither. Well anyways, I got this calendar and it lists all the weird holidays like Rubber Duckie Day (January 13th), Hug a Drummer Day (October 10th), and Bacon Day December 30th).

Here is January.

I know it might be hard to read, so here is a breakdown.

1 - Polar Bear Swim Day
2- 55 MPH Speed Limit Day
3 - Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day
4 - Trivia Day
5 - Whipped Cream Day
6 - Cuddle Up Day
7 - Tempura Day
8 - Argyle Day
9 - Static Electricity Day
10 - Houseplant Appreciation Day
11 - Milk Day
12 - Pharmacist Day
13 - Rubber Duckie Day
14 - Dress Up Your Pet Day
15 - Hat Day
16 - International Hot and Spicy Food Day
17 - Cable Car Day
18 - Thesaurus Day
19 - Popcorn Day
20 - Penguin Awareness Day
21 - Granola Bar Day
22 - Answer Your Cat's Question Day
23 - Pie Day
24 - Belly Laugh Day
25 - Opposite Day
26 - Peanut Brittle Day
27 - Chocolate Cake Day
28 - Data Privacy Day
29 - Puzzle Day
30 - Croissant Day
31 - Backward Day

If you're like me you tend to relate everything back to baseball cards. So I'm going to start a binder of Every Day's a Holiday Cards. I'm going to try to find a trading card that relates in some way to the holiday. I'll post what I have on the day and if you know of any cards that would work please let me know.

I don't have anything for yesterday or today, but I do have some cards in mind for other days this month.


  1. This sounds like a fun project - I love those quirky, weird holidays and using them as fodder for blog posts.

  2. For the 55mph day you might consider someone who occasionally threw a very slow ball, like Dave LaRoche or El Duque.

    1. Yeah, I'll have to check card backs to see if there is any mention about a 55 mph pitch.

  3. Thank goodness 55 MPH Speed Limit Day is almost over! I'm counting down the days to Chocolate Cake Day.

    1. In addition to the Chocolate Cake Day there are many other "Chocolate" Days throughout the year.

  4. My birthday is static electricity day. Was just reading Night Owl - his #2 CBAppreciation listing is perfect. 1962 Topps John Anderson

    1. That's a great card and a perfect fit for that day. Thanks!