Friday, January 6, 2017

The "Comp Card"

Most of you are probably familiar with various reward programs. Almost every company has some sort of reward or loyalty program to encourage their customers to keep coming back. One of the card shops that I frequent has a great "Comp Card" reward program.

They use their business card ...

                      ... and stamp the back so that you can earn store credits.

Let me explain how it works. You get a stamp for coming into the shop and for every $10 you spend. They have three auctions every week and so for every five write in bids you also can get a stamp. Once the card is full (10 stamps) it is gets the full stamp across it and it has a $1 value in the shop and $2 towards any auction items. You can also trade in a full comp card for five raffle tickets. (They do a drawing for a box about once a month). I did that once and ended up winning a box of Opening Day.

Anyways, I'm curious to know if any of your card shops have anything similar. Let me know.                                                    


  1. Nope, my LCS doesn't have anything like this. They've been open since the early 90s and are the only remaining store in P-town. They dabble in Ebay sales, but don't do anything else that most associate with a modern shop. No box breaks, no raffles, no in-store auctions, no loyalty program, and the prices aren't what I would call competitive. I suppose when you're the only store in town you can do as little as you want and still make a living.

    1. That's too bad. The customer experience could be so much better and that only leads to more sales.

  2. My LCS from when I was a kid, that just closed about 2 years ago, had a weekly drawing for a gift card. You'd get a raffle ticket by making a purchase, and an additional ticket for every $10 spent. In retrospect, it was a good ploy, as I'd sometimes go in and find maybe $8 of stuff to buy, and be more likely than not to get something else to bring me to $10 to get that second ticket. I think the prize was only $10/week, but it would roll over if no one claimed it. I won it one time when it was about $50. I was probably 12 or 13 at the time, and I felt like I spent forever figuring out what I wanted, because I never went to the shop with that much to spend at once.

  3. I got a gift certificate this winter from my LCS, I'm guessing calculated based on my purchases. I'm a cheap guy, so it wasn't much, but it was a nice gesture from them. I know others got higher amounts, but they will buy a box or two each trip they make. I'm usually picking up a few packs.

    They also have Pack Wars, and you get tickets at the time of your purchases. These are used at raffles during the pack wars nights for prizes.

  4. Man, I haven't been to the Batter's Box in years. I never bought much there except supplies. I didn't know they did this.