Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ebay Pick-Up towards my 2017 Collecting Goals

I got an ebay gift card for Christmas and bought a few things. I got the wrong package yesterday along with a pwe that I still haven't shown off yet. Today in the mail I got another ebay purchase. It's another addition to my 2005 Prime Patches Major League Materials Steve Finley collection. I think this is my 18th different card for that collection. This one is a Jersey Prime piece and is numbered on the back 8/9.

I'm not worried about the grade of a 7.5 because I'll be freeing this beautiful card from the encasement soon. I did notice that the "Jersey Prime" piece doesn't quite fill the entire opening like it should. Hopefully when I brake it free from the case I'll be able to maneuver the jersey so it will fill the entire spot.

One of my 2017 collecting goals was to add to my 2005 Prime Patches Major League Materials Steve Finley collection and while I bought this in 2016, it didn't arrive until 2017 so I'm counting it towards my 2017 goal.


  1. I am not big on grading relic cards, ever since my kids were little they have insisted on touching every relic I have and it kind of rubbed off in me. I like to be able to touch the relics.

  2. Congratulations! 18 different Prime Patches is super impressive.

    1. I wish I could find a checklist so I knew exactly how many there are.