Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Topps - Pack Break

In my last post on 2010 Topps, I mentioned that I probably wouldn't be buying any more packs. Well, I didn't. My wonderful wife surprised me the other day with a pack. Here it is:

Miguel Tejada

Francisco Rodriguez - I'll try to get this signed during Spring Training.

Andrew Bailey - I've always like cards that showcase an award winner.

Jhonny Peralta - I'll try to get this signed during Spring Training.

Adrian Gonzalez - How often do they wear the camo jersey? Because it seems like I have tons of cards with them wearing it.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 2007 Topps Dustin Pedroia - I like the set concept, but really they are going to include a card from 2007?

Million Card Giveaway - I'm excited about this!

ToppsTown Brian McCann

Kendry Morales

Brad Penny


Daniel McCutchen - Rookie Card


  1. I really don't like the "The Cards Your Mom Threw Out" concept that much. Originals of nearly anything from the past 35 years are readily available at affordable prices.

  2. Did you go for the Indians at all last Spring? I heard it was pretty brutal overall. I went to an A's/Indians game and did okay.