Sunday, January 3, 2010

Usually roadkill is a bad thing ...

... but not when it is Duane of the blog Democratic Roadkill. Duane had put up some trade bait on his blog a few weeks back. One card that he didn't particularly want to get rid of, but he put it up anyways, was a 2005 Zenith Brandon Webb Auto numbered on the back 086/100. I responded to his post and offered a couple of Blue Jay jersey cards and some cards off his need list for sets. While we were arranging the trade, he mentioned that he would alos be sending a 2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings autographed rookie card of Alex Romero numbered 412/499. Wow! Duane I owe you big time! Both of these cards are going straight to my Personal Collection. 2 more down and only 97 to go for one of my 2010 card collecting goals. Thanks Duane and I'm keeping my eyes open for some Blue Jay autos to send your way!

2005 Zenith Brandon Webb Auto 086/100 - This is my first numbered Brandon Webb Auto!

2008 Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings Alex Romero Autographed Rookie Card 412/499

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