Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Arizona Diamondbacks (S - Z)

Here is a current list of players who have played for the Arizona Diamondbacks whose last name start with the letters S - Z. I am trying to collect a card of every player who has played for the Diamondbacks. If you you have a card of a player in a Diamondbacks uniform that I don't have please leave me a comment so that we can trade. Thanks!


Erik Sabel Pitcher 1999, 2001
Donnie Sadler Outfielder 2004, 2006-2007
Jeff Salazar* Outfielder 2007-2008
Duaner Sanchez* Pitcher 2002
Yunesky Sanchez* Third Base 2009
Reggie Sanders Outfielder 2001
Mayo Santana Third Base 2007
Max Scherzer* Pitcher 2007-2009
Curt Schilling Pitcher 2000-2003
Daniel Schlereth* Pitcher 2009
Scott Schoeneweis* Pitcher 2008-2009
Mike Schultz Pitcher 2006-2007
Leyson Septimo* Pitcher 2006, 2008-2010 (Present)
Scott Service Pitcher 2003-2004
Richie Sexson First Base 2004
A.J. Shappi Pitcher 2006-2008
Joey Side Center Field 2007
James Skelton* Second Base 2008-2009
Doug Slaten* Pitcher 2006-2009
Aaron Small Pitcher 1998
Greg Smith* Pitcher 2007
Jason Smith* Second Base 2007
Chris Snyder* Catcher 2004-2010 (Present)
Clint Sodowsky Pitcher 1998-1999
Ricardo Sosa* Third Base 2009
Juan Sosa Outfielder 2001
Steve Sparks Pitcher 2004
Junior Spivey Second Base 2001-2003
Billy Spottiswood* Pitcher 2009
Russ Springer* Pitcher 1998, 2000-2001
Daniel Stange* Pitcher 2007, 2009-2010 (Present)
Andy Stankiewicz Second Base 1998

Kelly Stinnett Catcher 1998-2000, 2005
Todd Stottlemyre Pitcher 1998-2002
Jeff Suppan* Pitcher 1998
Dale Sveum Shortstop 1999
Greg Swindell Pitcher 1998-2002


Amaury Telemaco Pitcher 1998-1999
Luis Terrero* Outfielder 2003-2006
Rich Thompson* Outfielder 2007
Chad Tracy* Third Base 2004-2009
Matt Tupman* Catcher 2009


Justin Upton* Outfielder 2006-2010 (Present)


Efrain Valdez Pitcher 1998
Cesar Valdez* Pitcher 2008-2010 (Present)
Jose Valverde* Pitcher 2003-2007
Claudio Vargas* Pitcher 2005-2006
Noochie Varner Designated Hitter 2006
Esmerling Vasquez* Pitcher 2007-2010 (Present)
Javier Vazquez* Pitcher 2005
Brandon Villafuerte Pitcher 2004
Oscar Villarreal Pitcher 2003-2005
Luis Vizcaino* Pitcher 2006-2007
Ed Vosberg Pitcher 1999


Turner Ward Outfielder 1999-2000
Brandon Watson* Outfielder 2009
Brandon Webb* Pitcher 2003-2010 (Present)
Neil Weber Pitcher 1998-1999
Jon Weber* Outfielder 2007
Bill White* Pitcher 2006
Devon White Outfielder 1998
Josh Whitesell* First Base 2008-2009
Bob Wickman Pitcher 2007
Matthew Wilkinson Pitcher 2006
Matt Williams Third Base 1998-2003
Marland Williams Outfielder 2006
Desi Wilson First Base 1998-1999
Josh Wilson* Shortstop 2008-2009
Bobby Witt Pitcher 2001
Bob Wolcott Pitcher 1998
Tony Womack Second Base 1999-2003
Abe Woody* Pitcher 2006-2009
Tim Worrell Pitcher 2005



Chris Young* Center Field 2006-2010 (Present)
Ernie Young Outfielder 1999


Clay Zavada* Pitcher 2008-2010 (Present)
Jon Zeringue Outfielder 2006-2007
Alan Zinter First Base 2004

(*) Active Player

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  1. Are you only looking for cards of these guys in a DBacks uniform or any card?

    Either way, I'm sure I can come up with a few. My email's on my blog.