Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do you ruin a baseball card? Just put a Dodgers logo on it.

Chris from the blog On Card Autos contacted me after seeing a trade bait post of mine. He was interested in some 2008 Upper Deck X autos that I had. We arranged a trade and these cards showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Thanks Chris!

2005 Donruss Team Heroes DOUG DEVORE Auto - Devore played in 50 games for the D-Backs in 2004. He hit .224 with 3 homers in 107 at bats, but would not appear in a Major League baseball game again.

2007 Ultra Dual Materials LUIS GONZALEZ Jersey card #'d 114/160- Only bad thing about this card is the Dodgers logo. Nothing against the Dodgers, Gonzo is in a D-Backs uniform on the card and the jersey pieces are from a D-Backs uniform. Why put a Dodgers logo on the card?


  1. I have a couple of those Franken-card relics. One of Phil Niekro (in a Braves uni) with a Yankis swatch. Another of Trevor Hoffmann in a Padres uni, with a Padres swatch, that says "Brewers."

    Pretty weird and lazy as far as I'm concerned!

  2. How do you think I feel? I'd have to put that thing in my Dodgers collection.

  3. I have a Delgado from 2008 UDX. Gray swatch from a Jays jersey...he stopped playing for TOR in 2004. Four years later, he is pictured in a Jays jersey, on a Mets card with Mets colours. Weird huh?