Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Random D-Backs from Pauls Random Stuff

Paul of the blog Paul’s Random Stuff contacted me regarding a trade bait post of mine and asked if I would be interested in a Russ Ortiz jersey card. (The Ortiz Jersey card got scanned but apparently did not get saved, so alas, no picture) I'm collecting any and all D-Backs relics/autos so we arranged the trade. Paul informed me that he would also include a few other Diamondbacks in his package. I got the package from Paul a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised. In addition to the Ortiz jersey Paul sent roughly 40 other Diamondbacks cards all sorted out by player. I was able to add a few Brandon Webb’s to my Brandon Webb collection and received a great assortment of other D-Backs. Here are just a few. Thanks again Paul!

2008 Bowman Brandon Webb - Just a great looking card.

2009 Topps Base and Target Retro Brandon Webb - I know some people don't really like these retro cards, but I do. My favorite thing about them is the Topps logo.

2009 Topps base and Target Retro Conor Jackson

2007 Fleer Blue Chips Prospects - Conor Jackson

2003 Topps Total - Craig Counsel - Best batting stance ever. Okay, at least most unique.

2004 Upper Deck Power Up - Luis Gonzalez - One of my favorite cards that Paul sent. Reminds me of a bobblehead.

2008 Topps Randy Johnson - Paul sent me a nice stack of Randy Johnson cards. This is the only one showing him batting. At 6 ft 10 inches tall he must have had a huge strike zone.

2005 Topps Updates & Highlights Stephen Drew - I almost bought this card at the Card Shop last weekend. Glad I didn't.

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  1. I'm glad that I was able to give you a few cards that you like.

    The Topps Retro version cards were the only "legitimate" cards I bought a lot of this year... too bad they had to ruin things by drastically cutting the supply with Series II. (I also bought far more Topps Attax cards than would generally be considered sane, but that's another issue entirely.)