Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A trade with the other half of Omega Cardboard

I'd already completed a trade with Angelsfan of Omega Cardboard, but this time Giantsfan and I recently completed a trade. He had pulled a Conor Jackson XFRACTOR and posted it on his blog wondering if I would be interested. Of course I was. So we arranged a D-Backs/Giants trade. I got his package on Monday. Here are a few of the highlights. Thanks Giantsfan!

2009 Topps Chrome CONOR JACKSON XFRACTOR - Sweet!

2009 Topps Chrome CONOR JACKSON Refractor - I love comparing the different versions. (i.e. XFRACTOR vs. Refractor)

2009 Topps Chrome CHRIS YOUNG Refractor - Nice!

2009 Sweet Spot - Stephen Drew and Max Scherzer - Always nice to recieve Sweet Spot D-Backs in a trade, because I won't be buying any packs anytime soon.

2008 UD Heroes WEBB/VERLANDER/HERNANDEZ - A new Brandon Webb card to add to my collection!

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  1. Glad you like them! Look for a post on your stuff soon...