Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'll take the D-Backs!

Mike of the blog JD’s Wild Cardz was nice enough to offer some of his extra 2009 T206 and Updates & Highlights cards based to other bloggers based on their favorite team. I was lucky enough to snatch up the D-Backs and received a package from Mike a few days ago. Thanks Mike. I didn’t have any of the T206 cards or the Justin Upton Propaganda card. I have all the base Topps Updates & Highlights cards but they are a part of my set, so this is nice because I can put together a separate D-Backs team set. Thanks again Mike and I’ll see what I can find to return the favor!

Chris Young - I hope Young has a huge 2010 season, so everyone can forget his awful 2009.

Josh Whitesell - Josh will not be with the D-Backs in 2010. He signed with the Washington Nationals. Good luck Josh!

Jon Garland (base & bronze) - Did you know that Garland appeared as himself on an episode of the Bernie Mac Show?

Max Scherzer - Good luck in Detroit Max!

Justin Upton Propaganda - Not the best looking picture of Upton, but a fun insert set.

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