Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trip to the Card Shop

I went to the card shop today with the hopes of working on my 2010 card collecting goals. I only had $8 cash though, and the card shop is sort of picky about running a credit card for smaller purchases, so I was somewhat limited on what I could get. I picked up a 2008 Stadium Club Elliot Johnson autographed Rookie Card for Paul of Carl Crawford Cards and then I picked up a numbered Carl Crawford card with The Collective Troll in mind. I also needed a package of top loaders, so I didn't have much to money to spare, but I was able to pick up this card to add to my personal collection. Now only 99 more to go for one of 2010 card collecting goals.

2008 Stadium Club First Day Issue Max Scherzer RC numbered 093/599

I've started to accumulate a nice little Max Scherzer collection and I thought this would be a nice addition, even though he's no longer a Diamondback.

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