Thursday, January 14, 2010

What was Upper Deck thinking?

In 1999 Upper Deck put out a set called Century Legends in which they included the top 50 players all time and the top 50 contemporaries. Tom Glavine was ranked #21 out of the top 50 contemporaries. His card from that set is shown below. Why would Upper Deck choose this photo of Glavine? Glavine is a pitcher. He's being recognized for his accomplishments as a pitcher, not as a hitter. What was Upper Deck thinking? To make matters worse the back of the card features a small picture of Glavine, and guess what he's doing? Bunting.

1999 Upper Deck Century Legends TOM GLAVINE


  1. Ha ha. Good point.

    Maybe back then pictures of pitchers hitting was such a novelty that the whole Upper Deck office laughed and laughed. High fives...the whole thing.

  2. How many cards did Tom Glavine have in 1999? 100? 200? At least this one would have been memorable.

    Besides, he was actually a pretty decent hitter. Not up there with Micah Owings, but good enough that he'd occasionally get a shot to pinch hit in an extra-inning game.