Saturday, January 9, 2010

That's a lot of bats!

The Gooch of the blog In the Ballpark read my 2010 card collecting goals post and was nice enough to go through his collection and see if he had any cards of players with more than one bat. He found a bunch and we traded. Here is a list of what he sent me and scans of my three favorite. He also included a few D-Backs out of the goodness of his heart. Thanks Gooch!

1. Willie McGee 1986 Topps
2. Gary Ward 1987 Topps
3. Dave Clark 1988 Topps
4. Mike Macfarlane 1989 Topps
5. Craig Biggio 1990 Donruss
6. Dan Gladden 1991 Topps
7. Carlos Quintana 1991 Leaf
8. Tom Brunansky 1991 Upper Deck
9. Cedeno & LaCock 1991 Pacific Senior Baseball
10. Jerald Clark 1993 Topps
11. Rock Solid Foundation 1993 Upper Deck
12. Dan Gladden 1993 Fleer
13. Frank Thomas 1993 Topps
14. Jose Canseco 1994 Pinnacle
15. Johnny Damon 1999 Metal
16. Jeff Baker 2004 Donruss Studio
17. Todd Helton 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings

1999 Fleer Metal Johnny Damon - Damon, before Boston and New York.

1990 Donruss Craig Biggio - A young Biggio in an old school Astro's jersey.

1993 Topps Frank Thomas - Is it just me or do these bats seem a little small. Maybe Frank Thomas is just huge?

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